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Includes motorbase and jar
1675 Watts 3.8 horsepower + 8 year warranty
Plunger-free, easy-clean jar and uniquely blunt safety blade


3-horsepower motor with 1575 watts of power
Smart jar design pushes ingredients back down to the blades so nothing gets stuck to the sides
Pre-programmed cycles include smoothie, clean, 60 seconds & 90 seconds

Black base and BPA-free FourSide jar
Features attached single wingtip blade
5 speeds


Plunger-Free, Easy Clean Jar: Patented jar design flows ingredients toward the blade, eliminating the need for a tamper.
Uniquely Blunt Safety Blade: Completely safe to use and clean, plus 80% thicker and 10 times stronger than competitors blades.
Smart Touchscreen Interface: Enables walk-away blending and dosn’t harbor mold and bacteria like old-fashioned knob-and-dial blenders.